Sweet Johnson's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Sweet Johnson, Aug 11, 2017 at 3:49 PM.

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  1. Sweet Johnson

    Sweet Johnson New Member

    In Game Name : Sweet_Johnson
    Time and Date that you were banned: i don't remember, but it was more than 1 week ago
    Ban Reason (if any): Well, the Anti-Cheat system did get glitched and thought that i was cheating so it banned me, I was shooting an M4, i was in LSPD faction, Then loup did arrest me for AssPull, One second after, i got banned for Cheating Weapons(M4).
    Admin that banned you (if known): A bot called kirito(That's what i think)
    Extra notes: As a samp scripter, i can explain exactly what happened, The arrest command should do 3 things, first is clearing the player inventory(From weapons) then second teleporting me to the cell, third is setting my interior to the LSPD interior
    What did happen is for some reason, The code that clears my inventory didn't run, causing me to still have weapons while i'm in prison, your Anti-Cheat system detects if a player gets a weapon while he is in prison, if so, ban him, that's exactly what happened to me, The code didn't run maybe because it's wrong, or lag.
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  2. RusselTyrone

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  3. Sikander Baloch

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    Dear Appealer,
    You will be unbanned ASAP.
    Thank you for appealing and suggesting the problem.
  4. Electron

    Electron Aka TomR Staff Member ✔ True Member Management

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