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    [​IMG]Server Rules

    Death Matching:

    DM means killing someone without any good roleplay reason that is strictly forbidden in our server, If you are caught DM’ing someone. You will get punished by an admin so be carefull.


    PG means forcing someone into roleplay scene or doing impossible actions that we can’t do in real life. This is also strictly forbidden in our server.

    Revenge Killing:

    Killing a person mainly because they killed in the past when you as the victim hospitalized supposedly lost 10 minutes of your memory lost before the execution.

    Server Advertising
    Server Advertising can be simply described as advertising any server on FG-RP, bribing the players with admin positions, refunds and much more. This can be SAMP server or TS servers that are not related to NL-RP.
    Non-rp Behaviours

    Car Surfing ─ standing on top of vehicles as the vehicle is running onwards.

    Non-rp Toys ─ wearing inappropriate accessories that aren't existent or is possible in reality.

    Athletic ─ running/swimming without role playing of getting tired or running out of breath in serious / role playing situations.


    ─ Alt+Tab is tabbing in any role playing situations that would cause the offender harm or displeasement.

    ─ Disconnecting and/or /kill is the use of /q and/or /kill to avoid any harm. and displacements to be caused to the offender.

    ─ Healing is the unrealistic healing in any way possible in gun fights.

    General Hacks:

    Using of hacks such as flying, wall, health, Aimbot, etc. hacks.

    Money Framing:

    Creating of another account to get money..

    Cleo mods:

    If you have cleo mods in your Gta directory you better remove them or inform us that you have them.

    Newbie chat:

    Newbie chat is only for Q/Ans when ever someone needs any help(Script related) he can ask on newbie chat by typing the cmd /newb. If you are caught MG’ing on newbie chat you will get punishment by an admin.

    Robbing and Scamming Rules:

    - The player you're robbing and/or scamming must be level THREE or higher.

    - You yourself need to be level THREE or higher in order to scam and/or rob.

    - When robbing/stealing somebody’s money make sure that you not rob/steal up-to $20,000.

    - When scamming someone’s money make sure that you not scam up to $100,000.

    - You can’t force someone to withdraw their money from bank/atm.

    - You can’t force someone to take their houses and businesses.

    Will be updated..
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