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Discussion in 'Report Player' started by Ouail Maines, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Ouail Maines

    Ouail Maines New Member

    IG name : Ouail Maines
    IG name of the rulebreaker : Ali Khan
    The Rule which he broke : DM / Hack "Aimbot"
    More details : That Boy was insulting me on Global chat, and he told me to come to PD HQ where he was want to DM me. When we meet he tried to Shoot me, but I killed him, and he came back again to try to RK me when he hit me two times I killed him again, and he turned His aimbot on, and He was finding me to kill me, when he met me he start shooting me With a shotgun+aimbot I got Rekt, and he told me he's on this server to DM

    Evidance :
  2. Achref Smith

    Achref Smith Staff Member ✔ True Member Senior Admin Ban Appeal Manager Gang Moderator

    We Need Proof He using aimbot as you say you have to record it And Post Reply, And About The DM & RK I Already Jailled Him Thank You FOr The Report.
  3. Electron

    Electron Aka TomR Staff Member ✔ True Member Management

    I will keep my eyes on him.

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